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In Memory of Maggie Welby

Those fortunate enough to know Maggie Welby, know that Maggie was always willing to help others in any way possible. We would like to keep her memories alive by helping Maggie continue to make a difference in other's lives. On behalf of Maggie Welby, The Maggie Welby Foundation would like to make a difference in your life by helping you pay your child's tuition.

The Maggie Welby Foundation offers scholarships for children grades Kindergarten through twelfth grade.  The scholarships are awarded annually to children who demonstrate a financial need, and complete the Maggie Welby Foundation Scholarship Application.  Helping people in need was a very important part of Maggie's life.  These scholarships are an extension of Maggie's love to help kids in need.

Applicants interested in applying for a scholarship from The Maggie Welby Foundation must complete all sections of the online application including the essay.  For younger students, parents or guardians are encouraged to complete the Scholarship Application on the applicant’s behalf.  All information provided on this application is personal and confidential and will be used solely for the purposes of consideration for a scholarship.  It will not be used in any other capacity.

Only applications received online will be accepted.  To apply for a scholarship from The Maggie Welby Foundation please complete the online Scholarship Application.  Applications filled out incorrectly or incompletely will automatically be denied.

The Maggie Welby Foundation awards scholarships twice per year.  Applications are accepted in the months of October and March and awarded in the months of December and May. To apply please check back in March or October.

The Scholarship Applications will be reopened from October 1-31st,  2024.

(Please note this is for scholarships for school and not grants for therapies and medical bills.)

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