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Meet the Board

Jamie Welby

I am Maggie's Mom and one of the establishers of Maggie's Foundation. Since December of 2005, I have served as the President of  Maggie's Foundation. I am teacher at Assumption Grade School. Maggie loved helping people and making them smile. Through Maggie's Foundation we can continue that! Whether it is awarding a scholarship or putting an event together, the Foundation always puts smiles on people's faces and makes them feel like they are a part of something special!

Jim Welby

I am Maggie's Dad, and along with Jamie helped establish Maggie's Foundation in 2005 after her sudden passing. I serve as the Secretary of the Maggie Welby Foundation. Professionally, I serve as the President of St. Dominic High School. Maggie's Foundation allows us to  carry Maggie's memory forward in a manner that best represents her short life, helping others in need.

Chris Corrigan

I am Maggie's uncle and Godfather and have been on the board since inception as one of the original founders.  I have been in the transportation industry since graduating college.  Currently working for Show Me Logistics as a Business Development Executive and have been since 2017.   I had the privilege to see Maggie brighten up whatever room she was in!  She loved caring for others and making them happy. I feel it's my responsibility to pass on her passion to care for others in need.

Stacie Ballard

I am a good friend of Maggie’s Family and serve as the Treasurer of Maggie’s Foundation since 2008. I work in the Advancement Department at St. Dominic High School as the Director of Alumni and Special Events. Maggie’s foundation is important to me because I believe it truly helps others in need and keeps the memory of Maggie with everyone who is so blessed to have known and love her. I am honored to serve on her board!!!

Junior Board


Meet our junior board members!

From left to right: Maddie Ballard, Kelly Welby, Cati Beth Welby, and Mackenzie Ballard

Maddie Ballard

I am good friend’s with Maggie’s family and have been a member of the Junior Board since its start in 2018. I am a nurse in the NICU at Women's Hospital in Columbia, MO.  Maggie’s foundation is important to me because helping others has always been a priority, and I think that this foundation really does help people who are in need. I am honored to serve on the Junior Board and help keep Maggie’s memory alive!

Kelly Welby

My name is Kelly James Welby, and I am Maggie's younger brother.  I currently attend St. Dominic High School.  I have helped Maggie's Foundation with all that I can do since I was young trying to carry on Maggie's memory.  I've served on the Junior Board since it was formed in 2018. I love serving on the Junior Board and helping the foundation because I know my sister would be proud and I love helping people who are in need. 

Cati Beth Welby

My name is Cati Beth Welby, and I am Maggie’s sister. I currently attend St. Louis University and am studying Biomedical Engineering. Throughout the past years, I have volunteered for Maggie’s foundation in numerous ways, but it is an honor to now serve on the Junior Board that was established in 2018. The foundation means the world to me because I get to keep my sister’s memory alive by doing exactly what she would have, which is help others in need

Mackenzie  Ballard

My name is Mackenzie Ballard.  I am a good friend of Maggie's family, and have served on he junior board since its start in 2018. I work at Veterans United Home Loans. This foundation and everything it has accomplished in Maggie's name always amazes me. It has been an honor to serve with this foundation in many ways and I cannot wait to see what else it can do. 

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